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January 10, 2006 - Satellite operations with Brad, N8VI

The ARRL powerpoint on satellite Operations.
N8VI's powerpoint on satellite keplerian elements.
PREDICT, the satellite tracker software used in the presentation. The package here has current keplerian data and is configured for the latitude and longitude of the Elks Lodge in Mount Clemens. It can be unzipped and run out of the box.
PREDICT, the satellite tracker software used in the presentation. This is the source code for Unix/Linux users. The package is the way it came from the programmer; the user must supply keps and ground station location data. More info at http://www.qsl.net/kd2bd/predict.html.

February 14, 2006 - Sound Card Modes with Brad, N8VI

Hamscope can do BPSK31,QPSK63,MFSK16, and CW ... and it's free!
SSTV is the best program for Slow Scan TV ... and it's free!
MMTTY is the best program for RTTY, by the author of MMSSTV ... and it's free!
MT63 is another free program, for the MT63 mode.
DOMINO is another free program, for the new DOMINO MFSK mode.
OLIVIA is another free program, for the new OLIVIA MFSK mode.
AGWPE The AGWPE program is required for running the following two AX.25 packet programs (and it's free)
UISS is a great APRS messaging program, it's free, but requires AGWPE or a hardware TNC.
UI-VIEW is a free APRS program with mapping (which requires AGWPE or a hardware TNC).

October 10, 2006 - Military Radios with Jim, KA8TUR

Jim's Powerpoint Modern Military Radios and the Ham Operator
The QST Article QST Green Radio Round-up from April 2006
Army Field Manual FM 24-18 Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques

January 14, 2008 - The Arduino Board / Beginning Microcontrollers with Brad, N8VI

The official arduino web site, where you can learn about the programming language and download the development environment, plus learn a bit about the available styles of arduino board. I recommend the Diecimila. The arduino website has been having some problems in the past couple of days, redirecting to www.pcb-europe.net. If clicking the above link takes you to pcb-europe.net, that's not the arduino website, come back and try again later.
Sparkfun, One place to buy Arduino boards, parts, and project ideas. They ship REALLY fast. If you're getting a board, get the Diecimila
Adafruit Industries, another good place to get arduino boards, parts, and project ideas.

I got some pin headers from sparkfun and some mini usb boards from adafruit and soldered the one to the other, and along with some 16MHz crystals I got from sparkfun, some preprogrammed AVR microcontrollers I got from adafruit, and a 100nF capacitor I got from radioshack, I've been able to reproduce the important parts of an arduino diecimila on a breadboard. I find this much easier to prototype projects with than the actual boards, plus I can easily take the microcontroller chip out when it does what I want and put it into a PCB. Watch this page for a howto of some sort on doing this.